Baik Laboratory
Computational Molecular Modeling
About Us
Baik Group 2018/April
Broadly speaking, we are interested in understanding how organometallic catalysts work and leveraging that knowledge to design new useful reactions. Specifically, we are interested in
  • C-H activation catalysis with an emphasis on Rh, Ir, Ru, Fe, Co systems
  • Controlling the chemo-, regio- and stereoselectivity of multi-componenent carbocyclizations
  • Redox non-innocence as an electronic structure phenomenon and how it impacts chemical reactivity
  • CO2 reduction and H2O oxidation catalyses that are relevant to artificial photosynthesis
  • Redox catalysis and electrochemical processes
  • Complex electronic structure that may be useless, but is still beautiful
  • Automated discovery methods, where we let the computer do more, if not most of our work
Our research was done at Indiana University Bloomington during the period of 2003-2015 and we have relocated to KAIST in August 2015.
Meet The Team
  1. Sourav Bhunya
    sourav.bhunya[at] Postdoc (to arrive in Aug) Ph.D., IACS-Kokata, India
  2. (36) Myungjo Kim (김명조)
    newton1225[at] Visiting Grad. Student from Prof. Lee, Hee-Yoon's group (joined Mar 2018) KAIST
  3. (35) Hyeju Jeon (전혜주)
    felix7[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) KAIST
  4. (34) Chankyu Kang (강찬규)
    appleseed[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) KAIST
  5. (30) Gyumin Kang (강규민)
    kkggml[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Jan 2018) KAIST
  6. (29) Moony Na (나무늬)
    nmn97[at] joint Grad. Student with Prof. Hye Ryung Byon (joined in Dec 2017) B.S. Sungkyunkwan Univ.
  7. (33) Seulhui Choi (최슬희)
    choishui[at] Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) B.S. Yonsei Univ.
  8. (31) Suyeon Kim (김수연)
    ksyyskksy[at] Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) B.S., Hanyang Univ.
  9. (32) Jun-Hyeong Kim(김준형)
    kjh0910q[at] Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) B.S., UNIST
  10. (25) Soeun Kim (김소은)
    kimsoun0107[at] Joint Grad. Student with Prof. Hye Ryung Byon (joined in Sep 2017) B.S., KAIST
  11. (27) Mahesh Sundararajan
    maheshsrajan[at] Postdoc (joined in Oct 2017) Ph.D., Univ. of Manchester, UK
  12. (28) Veerababu Medabalmi
    veeru.au84[at] Postdoc (joined in Oct 2017) Ph.D., IIT Madras, Chenai, India
  13. (26) Loorthuraja Rasu
    rasu[at] Postdoc (joined in Sep 2017) Ph.D., U of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  14. (24) Nafees Iqbal
    nafeesiqbal11[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep. 2017) M.S., Univ. of Karachi B.S., Univ. of Punjab
  15. (23) Debashis Sahu
    debashis.sahu87[at] Postdoc (joined in Aug 2017) Ph.D. CSIR, Bhavnagar, India
  16. (22) Bimal Pudasaini
    bimal.pudasaini[at] Postdoc (joined in Aug 2017) Ph.D., Texas Christian Univ., Fort Worth, USA
  17. (21) Dasol Cho (조다솔)
    davidsoda7[at] Graduate Student (joined in May 2017) B.S., Sogang Univ.
  18. (20) Bohyun Park (박보현)
    qkrqh7[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Mar 2017) KAIST
  19. (19) Jinwoo Kim (김진우)
    llong1999[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Feb 2017) KAIST
  20. (18) Jiyong Park (박지용)
    jiyongpa[at] Postdoc (joined in Jan 2017) Ph.D., Seoul National University
  21. (17) Hong Ki Kim (김홍기)
    hongki[at] Graduate Student (joined in Oct 2016) M.S., DGIST B.S., Yonsei University
  22. (16) Joonghee Won (원중희)
    joonghee_won[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep 2016) B.S., KAIST
  23. (15) Zakir Ullah
    phatan1987[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep 2016) M.Phil., Univ. of Peshawar, Pakistan B.S., Univ. of Peshawar, Pakistan
  24. (14) Manoj Mane
    manemnj[at] Postdoc (joined in Aug 2016) Ph.D., National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, IN
  25. (12) Mannkyu Hong (홍만규)
    hongmannkyu[at] Graduate Student (joined in June 2016) M.S., Seoul National Univ. B.S., KAIST
  26. (11) Seongyeon Kwon (권성연)
    kwon97[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in May 2016) KAIST
  27. (10) Seoung-Tae Kim (김승태)
    seoungtae[at] Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2016) B.S., Sungkyunkwan University
  28. (9) Jinhoon Jeong (정진훈)
    jeongjinhoon[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., Chungang University
  29. (8) Seung-yeol Baek (백승열)
    seungyeol[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  30. (7) Joon Heo (허준)
    joonheo1105[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  31. (6) Hoimin Jung (정회민)
    hmjung95[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  32. (5) Hyunjoong Kim (김현중)
    hyunjoongkim[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  33. (4) Ho Ryu (류호)
    ryuho[at] Graduate Student (joined in Oct 2015) B.S., Chungnam National Univ.
  34. (3) Yoonsu Park (박윤수)
    yoonsu.park[at] Joint Grad. Student with Prof. Sukbok Chang (joined in Sep 2015) B.S., KAIST
  35. (2) Seihwan Ahn (안세환)
    seihwanahn[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep 2015) B.S., Kyungpook National University
  36. (1) Deyaa AbuSalim
    diabusal[at] Graduate Student (joined in May 2015) M.S., Illinois State University
  37. Yunmi Baek (백윤미)
    luckyunmi[at] Administrative Assistant +82-42-350-2860
  38. Mookie Baik (백무현)
    mbaik2805[at] Vordiplom (B.S.), 1995, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf Ph.D., 2000, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  39. (37) Steve Park
    steve.park[at] Visiting Student (joined in May 2018) Oxford Univ.
  40. (38) Jihyun Kim (김지현)
    handwinding[at] visiting Undergrad. Student (joined in Jun 2018) Yonsei Univ.
  41. (13) Juhyeong Lee (이주형)
    jhlee8111[at] Graduate Student (joined in July 2016) B.S., Korea Univ.
  42. Seung Ha Kim (김승하)
    rlatmdgk0602[at] Graduate Student (to arrive in Aug 2018) B.S., Konkuk Univ.
  43. Woo Jong Lee (이우종)
    lwj6859[at] Graduate Student (to arrive in Sep 2018) B.S., Yonsei Univ.
  44. (39) Hanna Lee (이한나)
    moonhanna93[at] Visiting Student (joined in Jul 2018) Ewha Womans Univ.

Gone , but not forgotten

Postdoctoral Associates
• Dr. Bao Lin (2003-2004), Scientist - FLSmidth R&D
• Dr. Matthew Burland (2003-2004), Scientist, Givaudan R&D
• Dr. Suresh Cherumuttathu (2004), Associate Prof., Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrum, India
• Dr. Marco Fioroni (2004-2006), Scientist, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
• Dr. Hongjun Fan (2005-2008), Associate Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Dalian, China
• Dr. Yavuz Dede (2007-2009), Associate Professor, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey
• Dr. Balazs Pinter (2010-2011), Researcher, VU Brussels, Belgium
• Dr. Kuntal Pal (2010-2012), Assistant Professor, Univ. of Calcutta, India
• Dr. Jose Andino (2007-2012), Lecturer, UIUC
• Dr. Sang-Bae Lee (2010-2012), Researcher, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, Duarte, CA
• Dr. Andras Olasz (2011-2012), Researcher, Hungary
• Dr. Debashis Adhikari (2011-2015), Assistant Professor, Indian Inst. of Science Education and Research Mohali, India
• Dr. Indranil Sinha (2015-2016), Researcher, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India
• Dr. Samat Tussupbayev (2016-2017), Assistant Professor, al-Farabi Kazakh National Univ., Kazakhstan
• Dr. Abul Kamal Biswas (2017-2018), Assistant Professor, Mahishadal Raj College, Vidyasagar Univ., India
• Dr. Ji Young Park - 박지영 (2016-2018), Researcher, Samsung Corporation
Graduate Students
• Leah Sandvoss, (M.S.) 2003-2004, Chemical Informatics Specialist, Pfizer R&D
• Kenrick Vidale (M.S.) 2003-2004, Chemical Informatics Specialist, Merck R&D
• Erich Baum (M.S.) 2004-2005, Chemist, Glaxo-Smith-Kline R&D
• William Pitcock, Jr. (M.S.), 2004-2007, Chemist, J. M. Huber, Inc. R&D
• Huijun Wang (M.S.), 2004-2006, Chemist, Pfizer, Inc. R&D
• Dr. Xiaofan Yang (Ph.D.) 2003-2008, Researcher, BASF, Inc. R&D
• Dr. Yogita Mantri (Ph.D.) 2005-2009, Researcher, Procter & Gamble, Inc. R&D
• Dr. Richard Lord (Ph.D.) 2005-2010, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State Univ.
• Dr. Soumya Ghosh (Ph.D.) 2007-2012, Postdoc with Prof. Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, UIUC
• Dr. Abhigna Polavarapu (Ph.D.) 2008-2013, Researcher, Eastman Inc.
• Dr. Shivnath Mazumder (Ph.D.) 2008-2013, Assistant Professor, Hofstra University, NY
• Dr. Karlijn Keijzer (Ph.D.) 2010-2014, deceased.
• Dr. Douglas Crandell (Ph.D.) 2011-2015, Assistant Professor, Univ. of St. Louis, MO
• Dr. Meghan McCormick (Ph.D.) 2010-2015, Chemist, OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center 
• Dr. Daniel Ashley (Ph.D.) 2012-2015, Postdoc with Prof. Elena Jakubikova, NC State Univ.
• Dr. Mark Sprowl (Ph.D.) 2011-2015
• Hyerim Nam - 남혜림 (M.S.), 2016-2017, Researcher, Samsung Corporation
• Yujin Lee - 이유진 (M.S.), 2016-2017, Researcher, Samsung Corporation
Undergraduate Students
• Patrick Lorton (B.S.), 2005-2006, Scientific Programmer, Schrodinger LLC
• Carly Willenborg (B.S.) 2004-2007, Ph.D. at Univ. of Colorado, Clinical Res. Coordinator UC-Berkeley
• Robert K. Koffie (B.S.) 2004-2007, M.D./Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School, Neurosurgeon at Mass. Gen. Hospital
• Sibo Lin (B.S.) 2005-2008, Ph.D. at CalTech, postdoc at MIT
• Emilia Blaser (B.S.) 2006-2010, Dental School, Indiana Univ.
• Ye-Geun Song (B.S.) 2008-2011, Univ. of Delaware, Researcher at DuPont
• Rachael Al-Saddon (B.S.), 2009-2012, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Duke University
• Jennifer Peper (B.S.), 2011-2012, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Yale University
• Katie Rocco (B.S.), 2010-2012, Law School, Indiana University
• William Keown (B.S.) 2012-2014, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Stanford Univ.
• Jonathan Specker (B.S.) 2014-2015, Indiana Univ.
• LeeAnn Sanger (B.S.) 2014-2015, Indiana Univ.

Visitors and Honorary Members
• Benjamin Herbert (visiting graduate student, Oxford Univ.) 2004, Investment Banker, London
• Tony Hyun Kim (visiting high school researcher) 2004, Ph.D. Program in Biophysics at Stanford
• Benjamin Seligman (visiting undergraduate researcher) 2004, Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry at Cornell
• Liz Nolan (visiting graduate researcher, MIT) 2004, Assistant Prof., MIT
• Gabi Skara (research staff) 2010-2011, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, VU Brussels
• Prof. Dianxiang Zing (Sabbatical Visitor) 2013-2014, Qilu Univ. of Techn., Jinan, China
• Myungein Han (intern) 2017, Universite Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France
• Zach Niemeyer (visiting grad. researcher, U of Utah) 2017, Matt Sigman Group, U of Utah, USA
• Vi Lam (intern) 2017, McDaniel College, MD, USA
• Jinho Park (intern) 2017, POSTECH
• Han Seungcheol (intern) 2017, POSTECH