Baik Laboratory
Computational Molecular Modeling
About Us
Baik Group 2018/April
Broadly speaking, we are interested in understanding how organometallic catalysts work and leveraging that knowledge to design new useful reactions. Specifically, we are interested in
  • C-H activation catalysis with an emphasis on Rh, Ir, Ru, Fe, Co systems
  • Controlling the chemo-, regio- and stereoselectivity of multi-componenent carbocyclizations
  • Redox non-innocence as an electronic structure phenomenon and how it impacts chemical reactivity
  • CO2 reduction and H2O oxidation catalyses that are relevant to artificial photosynthesis
  • Redox catalysis and electrochemical processes
  • Complex electronic structure that may be useless, but is still beautiful
  • Automated discovery methods, where we let the computer do more, if not most of our work
Our research was done at Indiana University Bloomington during the period of 2003-2015 and we have relocated to KAIST in August 2015.
Meet The Team
  1. Sourav Bhunya
    sourav.bhunya[at] Postdoc (to arrive in Aug) Ph.D., IACS-Kokata, India
  2. (39) Myungjo Kim (김명조)
    newton1225[at] Visiting Grad. Student from Prof. Lee, Hee-Yoon's group (joined Mar 2018) KAIST
  3. (38) Jae Youn Bae (배재윤)
    bjy6094[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Mar 2018) KAIST
  4. (37) Hyeju Jeon (전혜주)
    felix7[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) KAIST
  5. (36) Chankyu Kang (강찬규)
    appleseed[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) KAIST
  6. (32) Gyumin Kang (강규민)
    kkggml[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Jan 2018) KAIST
  7. (31) Moony Na (나무늬)
    nmn97[at] joint Grad. Student with Prof. Hye Ryung Byon (joined in Dec 2017) B.S. Sungkyunkwan Univ.
  8. (35) Seulhui Choi (최슬희) Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) B.S. Yonsei Univ.
  9. (33) Suyeon Kim (김수연) Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) B.S., Hanyang Univ.
  10. (34) Jun-Hyeong Kim(김준형)
    kjh0910q[at] Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2018) B.S., UNIST
  11. (27) Jinhee Bae (배진희)
    jinh[at] joint Grad. Student with Prof. Hye Ryung Byon (joined in Sep 2017) B.S., Yonsei Univ.
  12. (26) Soeun Kim (김소은)
    kimsoun0107[at] Joint Grad. Student with Prof. Hye Ryung Byon (joined in Sep 2017) B.S., KAIST
  13. (29) Mahesh Sundararajan
    maheshsrajan[at] Postdoc (joined in Oct 2017) Ph.D., Univ. of Manchester, UK
  14. (30) Veerababu Medabalmi
    veeru.au84[at] Postdoc (joined in Oct 2017) Ph.D., IIT Madras, Chenai, India
  15. (28) Loorthuraja Rasu
    rasu[at] Postdoc (joined in Sep 2017) Ph.D., U of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  16. (25) Nafees Iqbal
    nafeesiqbal11[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep. 2017) M.S., Univ. of Karachi B.S., Univ. of Punjab
  17. (24) Debashis Sahu
    debashis.sahu87[at] Postdoc (joined in Aug 2017) Ph.D. CSIR, Bhavnagar, India
  18. (23) Bimal Pudasaini
    bimal.pudasaini[at] Postdoc (joined in Aug 2017) Ph.D., Texas Christian Univ., Fort Worth, USA
  19. (22) Dasol Cho (조다솔)
    davidsoda7[at] Graduate Student (joined in May 2017) B.S., Sogang Univ.
  20. (21) Bohyun Park (박보현)
    qkrqh7[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Mar 2017) KAIST
  21. (20) Jinwoo Kim (김진우)
    llong1999[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Feb 2017) KAIST
  22. (19) Jiyong Park (박지용)
    jiyongpa[at] Postdoc (joined in Jan 2017) Ph.D., Seoul National University
  23. (18) Hong Ki Kim (김홍기)
    hongki[at] Graduate Student (joined in Oct 2016) M.S., DGIST B.S., Yonsei University
  24. (17) Joonghee Won (원중희)
    joonghee_won[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep 2016) B.S., KAIST
  25. (16) Zakir Ullah
    phatan1987[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep 2016) M.Phil., Univ. of Peshawar, Pakistan B.S., Univ. of Peshawar, Pakistan
  26. (15) Manoj Mane
    manemnj[at] Postdoc (joined in Aug 2016) Ph.D., National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, IN
  27. (13) Mannkyu Hong (홍만규)
    hongmannkyu[at] Graduate Student (joined in June 2016) M.S., Seoul National Univ. B.S., KAIST
  28. (12) Seongyeon Kwon (권성연)
    kwon97[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in May 2016) KAIST
  29. (11) Ji Young Park (박지영)
    park.ji.young[at] Postdoc (joined in Mar 2016) Ph.D., KAIST
  30. (10) Seoung-Tae Kim (김승태)
    seoungtae[at] Graduate Student (joined in Feb 2016) B.S., Sungkyunkwan University
  31. (9) Jinhoon Jeong (정진훈)
    jeongjinhoon[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., Chungang University
  32. (8) Seung-yeol Baek (백승열)
    seungyeol[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  33. (7) Joon Heo (허준)
    joonheo1105[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  34. (6) Hoimin Jung (정회민)
    hmjung95[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  35. (5) Hyunjoong Kim (김현중)
    hyunjoongkim[at] Graduate Student (joined in Nov 2015) B.S., KAIST
  36. (4) Ho Ryu (류호)
    ryuho[at] Graduate Student (joined in Oct 2015) B.S., Chungnam National Univ.
  37. (3) Yoonsu Park (박윤수)
    yoonsu.park[at] Joint Grad. Student with Prof. Sukbok Chang (joined in Sep 2015) B.S., KAIST
  38. (2) Seihwan Ahn (안세환)
    seihwanahn[at] Graduate Student (joined in Sep 2015) B.S., Kyungpook National University
  39. (1) Deyaa AbuSalim
    diabusal[at] Graduate Student (joined in May 2015) M.S., Illinois State University
  40. Yunmi Baek (백윤미)
    luckyunmi[at] Administrative Assistant +82-42-350-2860
  41. Mookie Baik (백무현)
    mbaik2805[at] Vordiplom (B.S.), 1995, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf Ph.D., 2000, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  42. (40) Seojin Kim (김서진)
    osikjs[at] Undergraduate Student (joined in Apr 2018) KAIST
  43. (41) Steve Park
    steve.park[at] Visiting Student (joined in May 2018) Oxford Univ.
  44. Ji Hyun Kim (김지현)
    handwinding[at] visiting Undergrad. Student (to arrive in Jun 2018) Yonsei Univ.
  45. (14) Juhyeong Lee (이주형)
    jhlee8111[at] Graduate Student (joined in July 2016) B.S., Korea Univ.
  46. Seung Ha Kim (김승하)
    rlatmdgk0602[at] Graduate Student (to arrive in Sep 2018) B.S., Konkuk Univ.
  47. Woo Jong Lee (이우종)
    lwj6859[at] Graduate Student (to arrive in Sep 2018) B.S., Yonsei Univ.

Gone , but not forgotten

Postdoctoral Associates
• Dr. Bao Lin (2003-2004), Scientist - FLSmidth R&D
• Dr. Matthew Burland (2003-2004), Scientist, Givaudan R&D
• Dr. Suresh Cherumuttathu (2004), Associate Prof., Regional Research Laboratory, Trivandrum, India
• Dr. Marco Fioroni (2004-2006), Scientist, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany
• Dr. Hongjun Fan (2005-2008), Associate Professor, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Dalian, China
• Dr. Yavuz Dede (2007-2009), Associate Professor, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey
• Dr. Balazs Pinter (2010-2011), Researcher, VU Brussels, Belgium
• Dr. Kuntal Pal (2010-2012), Assistant Professor, Univ. of Calcutta, India
• Dr. Jose Andino (2007-2012), Lecturer, UIUC
• Dr. Sang-Bae Lee (2010-2012), Researcher, Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope, Duarte, CA
• Dr. Andras Olasz (2011-2012), Researcher, Hungary
• Dr. Debashis Adhikari (2011-2015), Assistant Professor, Indian Inst. of Science Education and Research Mohali, India
• Dr. Indranil Sinha (2015-2016), Researcher, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India
• Dr. Samat Tussupbayev (2016-2017), Assistant Professor, al-Farabi Kazakh National Univ., Kazakhstan
• Dr. Abul Kamal Biswas (2017-2018), Assistant Professor, Mahishadal Raj College, Vidyasagar Univ., India
Graduate Students
• Leah Sandvoss, (M.S.) 2003-2004, Chemical Informatics Specialist, Pfizer R&D
• Kenrick Vidale (M.S.) 2003-2004, Chemical Informatics Specialist, Merck R&D
• Erich Baum (M.S.) 2004-2005, Chemist, Glaxo-Smith-Kline R&D
• William Pitcock, Jr. (M.S.), 2004-2007, Chemist, J. M. Huber, Inc. R&D
• Huijun Wang (M.S.), 2004-2006, Chemist, Pfizer, Inc. R&D
• Dr. Xiaofan Yang (Ph.D.) 2003-2008, Researcher, BASF, Inc. R&D
• Dr. Yogita Mantri (Ph.D.) 2005-2009, Researcher, Procter & Gamble, Inc. R&D
• Dr. Richard Lord (Ph.D.) 2005-2010, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State Univ.
• Dr. Soumya Ghosh (Ph.D.) 2007-2012, Postdoc with Prof. Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, UIUC
• Dr. Abhigna Polavarapu (Ph.D.) 2008-2013, Researcher, Eastman Inc.
• Dr. Shivnath Mazumder (Ph.D.) 2008-2013, Assistant Professor, Hofstra University, NY
• Dr. Karlijn Keijzer (Ph.D.) 2010-2014, deceased.
• Dr. Douglas Crandell (Ph.D.) 2011-2015, Assistant Professor, Univ. of St. Louis, MO
• Dr. Meghan McCormick (Ph.D.) 2010-2015, Chemist, OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center 
• Dr. Daniel Ashley (Ph.D.) 2012-2015, Postdoc with Prof. Elena Jakubikova, NC State Univ.
• Dr. Mark Sprowl (Ph.D.) 2011-2015
• Hyerim Nam - 남혜림 (M.S.), 2016-2017, Researcher, Samsung Corporation
• Yujin Lee - 이유진 (M.S.), 2016-2017, Researcher, Samsung Corporation
Undergraduate Students
• Patrick Lorton (B.S.), 2005-2006, Scientific Programmer, Schrodinger LLC
• Carly Willenborg (B.S.) 2004-2007, Ph.D. at Univ. of Colorado, Clinical Res. Coordinator UC-Berkeley
• Robert K. Koffie (B.S.) 2004-2007, M.D./Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School, Neurosurgeon at Mass. Gen. Hospital
• Sibo Lin (B.S.) 2005-2008, Ph.D. at CalTech, postdoc at MIT
• Emilia Blaser (B.S.) 2006-2010, Dental School, Indiana Univ.
• Ye-Geun Song (B.S.) 2008-2011, Univ. of Delaware, Researcher at DuPont
• Rachael Al-Saddon (B.S.), 2009-2012, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Duke University
• Jennifer Peper (B.S.), 2011-2012, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Yale University
• Katie Rocco (B.S.), 2010-2012, Law School, Indiana University
• William Keown (B.S.) 2012-2014, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, Stanford Univ.
• Jonathan Specker (B.S.) 2014-2015, Indiana Univ.
• LeeAnn Sanger (B.S.) 2014-2015, Indiana Univ.

Visitors and Honorary Members
• Benjamin Herbert (visiting graduate student, Oxford Univ.) 2004, Investment Banker, London
• Tony Hyun Kim (visiting high school researcher) 2004, Ph.D. Program in Biophysics at Stanford
• Benjamin Seligman (visiting undergraduate researcher) 2004, Ph.D. Program in Biochemistry at Cornell
• Liz Nolan (visiting graduate researcher, MIT) 2004, Assistant Prof., MIT
• Gabi Skara (research staff) 2010-2011, Ph.D. Program in Chemistry, VU Brussels
• Prof. Dianxiang Zing (Sabbatical Visitor) 2013-2014, Qilu Univ. of Techn., Jinan, China
• Myungein Han (intern) 2017, Universite Paris Diderot - Paris 7, France
• Zach Niemeyer (visiting grad. researcher, U of Utah) 2017, Matt Sigman Group, U of Utah, USA
• Vi Lam (intern) 2017, McDaniel College, MD, USA
• Jinho Park (intern) 2017, POSTECH
• Han Seungcheol (intern) 2017, POSTECH